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Hey! You've found the official website for the Kitchener-Waterloo rationalist community. We're a social club for people in KW who like to talk about cognitive biases, prediction markets, Moloch, Harry Potter fanfiction, calibration, what we owe the world, and becoming e m b o d i e d.

We meet up every Friday, generally in Uptown Waterloo. To get notifications, go to our LessWrong page and click "subscribe to group" (you will need an LW account). Meetups are also posted on if that's more convenient for you.

Please feel free to come hang out even if you feel awkward about it, are new to the community, not like “the typical rationalists”, worried people won’t like you, are part of TPOT, or anything else.

We welcome people of all ages, genders, and orientations.


Astral Codex Ten (and SSC). LessWrong. Thing of Things. Wait But Why. Siderea. Putanumonit. Otium. Meaningness. The rest of the diaspora. Cicero. Zizek. Thomas Broadley. Brinens and Things. jenn dot site (my blog! if you come to the meetups i will also add your blog to this list if you want :).


come to a meetup irl to get the password ;)