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Hey! You've found the official website for the Kitchener-Waterloo rationalist community.

We meet up every Thursday in Uptown Waterloo, most of the time. To get notifications, go to our LessWrong page and click "subscribe to group" (you will need an LW account). Meetups are also posted on if that's more convenient for you.

Please come check out our events if you are a rat, a post-rat, rat-adjacent, or some other related type of rodent <3


Astral Codex Ten (and SSC). LessWrong. Thing of Things. Wait But Why. Siderea. Putanumonit. Otium. Meaningness. The rest of the diaspora. Cicero. Zizek. Thomas Broadley. Brinens and Things. jenn dot site (my blog! if you come to the meetups i will also add your blog to this list if you want :).


come to a meetup irl to get the password ;)