What is this?

It's a lowkey weekend-long hangout for Ontario (and nearby) rationalists. Expect some amount of explicitly-rationalist activities, plus cool conversations and board games, and a few drinks at night for those who partake.

~Activities will happen from 11am until late, Saturday and Sunday.

The Ottawa group has a meetup every Friday evening, that will likely get rolled up in the festivities as well for those that are in the city by then.

When/where is it?

It's civic day weekend, August 2-5. The AirBNB is a private house in suburban Ottawa near Mooney's Bay Beach.

The AirBNB is booked until Monday morning.

How many people are coming?

At most 10 overnight guests (the AirBNB has 9 total beds) plus 10 daytime guests, for a total hard cap of 20, but it might end up working out to be slightly fewer total people.

As of July 14th, there are 10 registered overnight guests (no more overnight slots) and 4 registered daytime guests.

How much does this cost and what's included?

$150 for locals, and people who are finding their own accommodations in town. (There is an $80 fee for daytime guests from the AirBNB, and the other $70 will go to meals and snacks.)

$350 for those who require overnight accomodations, from Friday to Monday. We're full!

We'll be ordering catering for brunch and dinner, on Saturday and Sunday. This is included in the retreat cost. We'll also have snacks and some simple breakfast food around.

Attendees are responsible for finding transit to and from the venue, food on Friday and Monday, and their own booze :]

I'm sold; what do I need to do?

Great! Fill out this form (also linked at the top of the page) and I'll send you an email shortly with payment information.

Installment Plans: Contact me if you need to pay in parts, we'll figure something out.

Cancellation Policy: TBD. If this is a concern, let me know.

Discord Server

This will be our primary means of coordination, and invites will be sent after payment confirmation. Use it for logistics, meal preferences and dietary restrictions, and activity suggestions, as well as getting to know other folks attending.

Who's organizing this?

I'm Jenn, the organizer for KW Rationality. I've been a previous regular at Ottawa meetups, and a semi-regular at the Toronto ones. I'm looking to build a more cohesive rat community across Ontario :)

I've been hosting weekly meetups in KW since 2022, and I also organized a previous weekend retreat for rats in 2023.


contact jeb2016 on discord, or email jenn@kwrationality.ca.

August 2-5, 2024

Ontario Rationality Weekend

Ottawa, Ontario!!!