What is this?

It's a lowkey hangout for Ontario (and nearby) rationalists, to hang out with each other. Expect a few explicitly-rationalist activities, plus a lot of just hanging out and board games and stuff, plus a few beers at night for the grown folks.

When/where is it?

It's the weekend of November 10-12, 2023, in Wollaston, Ontario.

Wollaston is a 3 hour drive from Ottawa, a 3 hour drive from KW, and a 2 hour drive from Toronto.

The AirBNB is booked from November 10-13th, so we can stay for the entire day on Sunday as well.

How many people are coming?

Attendance will be capped at 16 adults, for "not making food logistics incredibly nightmarish" reasons.

So far, around 18 people have expressed interest. It's very likely that some people will flake, but it also means that a spot at this point is not guaranteed.

The AirBNB has 14 beds, 5 bathrooms, and 5 full kitchens for some reason.

How much does this cost?

I'm looking to provide a $200-$350 sliding scale, which will pay for food and lodging for the weekend.

The AirBNB itself is $2300, I don't expect the total weekend cost to be more than $3500.


We're keeping costs low by doing cooking, so expect to help out with cooking or cleanup for at least one meal. We'll likely have lots of snacks around and 2 big meals a day (brunch and dinner).

Food will be vegetarian-friendly (i.e. meat will be served, but in a way where it's on the side, or you can not have the meat and still have a meal that tastes good and is filling and healthy.)

Who's organizing this?

I'm Jenn, the organizer for KW Rationality. I've been a previous regular at Ottawa meetups, and a semi-regular at the Toronto ones. I'm looking to build a more cohesive rat community across Ontario :)


contact jeb2016 on discord, or email jenn@kwrationality.ca.

November 10-12, 2023

Ontario Rat Cottage Weekend

Wollaston, Ontario!!!